People today are not as fit as they were in the past. What are the causes of this? What can governments do to deal with this issue?

In the current era, staying fit brings great benefits to people, but research has shown that individuals are not as healthy as they were in the past. The problem of bad physical conditions of humans is caused by their lifestyle and can result in physical and mental issues. The possible solutions to
problem will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, these days and
as a result
of hectic schedules and changes in lifestyles, social members are not as healthy as they used to be in the past. By way of example, a young person who has to work until late doesn’t have enough time to exercise or cook healthy food.
, technological devices take drastic steps to decrease somatic activity.
that, all the time, the public sticks to their phones and does not do any physical activities.
For instance
, bank users prefer using mobile bank applications to going to banks. Unfortunately,
way of life is doomed to disease. One possible solution could be changing the daily lifestyle of humans. There is no denying the fact that involvement in regular activity occupies an axial role in the improvement of the community’s health stage. To give an example, a law should be drafted for morning workouts by the government.
In addition
, it should be noted that these activities not only help to be active physically but
increase mental health.
, every single person can participate in outdoor and indoor training like Yoga, Tai-Chi and various indoor machinery like a treadmill which results in a healthy living approach.
To sum up
according to
what has already been discussed, the government,
as well as
individuals, should make all attempts to increase the level of society's health. by taking some policies like preparing a daily exercise program. because investigations have shown crowds are not fit as earlier people were.
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