In some parts of the world traditional festivals and celebrations have disappeared or are disappearing. What problems is this causing? What measures could be taken to counter this situation?

It is observed that traditional festivals and celebrations in some regions around the globe are vanishing or at risk of disappearance.
there are certain issues brought about by
movement, some solutions can help tackle them.
Due to
the advent of technology, many people have been more and more interconnected than ever before, which leads to the fact that some small and inferior cultures may disappear. Younger generations from ethnic groups in Vietnam,
for example
, have flocked to major cities to seek more well-paid jobs at multinational companies like Coca-Cola.
causes them to join communities in the cities and be assimilated inTO the modern culture there.
As a result
, the cultural decoupling between previous and current generations poses a threat to the LOSS of less dominant traditional customs and values.
, the government can take action to alleviate these issues by launching educational campaigns and cooperating with well-known public figures. Regarding the former, some projects or reports should be delivered to raise the public’s awareness of cultural heritage
that is
becoming or may become non-existent so that people will cooperate to preserve it. With regard to the latter, some celebrities can be invited to a number of programmes that aim to promote local cultures to spread them on TV or social media. In conclusion, the development of technology and the culture it brings up in the modern era dominate some traditional festivals and celebrations, causing them to vanish.
, the government can play a major role in preventing these problems from becoming worse by running campaigns and leading programmes with some popular celebrities for the sake of preserving those traditional values.
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