Some people think that young criminals should receive the same punishment as adults. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some individuals believe that juvenile offenders should face the same penalty as grown-ups. In my opinion, I would completely disagree with
statement because their still changing personalities are to blame for committing a crime,
of punishing them like adults we should consider providing them opportunities for a better future.
, it seems unfair to compare adolescents who are not completely aware of their actions with adults who are aware of what they are doing. Their immature judgement and loss of self-control can lead to criminal acts because they sense fewer risks.
, young people are influenced by others easily.
For instance
, when I was ten years old I used to break the windows of the kindergarten with stones and escape with my friends. I do not know why I used to do
maybe one of my friends suggested and we thought it was funny without realizing our bad actions. Another reason to support my view is that imposing severe penalties for minors might lead to recidivism so we need to find
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a more
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rehabilitative approach. I believe giving them second chance not only
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future crimes but
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them back into the community.
For example
, I read
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on the internet that a judge sentenced some juvenile offenders to a program named "chess for life". They have to play chess as their punishment and it can make them more self-confident. In conclusion,
many people consider that young and adult offenders should be given the same punishment, I strongly disagree with
and I believe we should give them a second opportunity.
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