Write about the following topic: Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people say that higher education institutes must allow girls and boys in equal numbers. I totally disagree with
point, because it is unlikely the case when an equal number of gender interested in a given course at a particular moment in time. Even though, it will be an ideal situation in future especially in workplaces to view equally distributed positions. It would be especially beneficial for women where men are dominated.
For example
, in politics, we could see an equal number of representatives
day will not be far when we
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see an alternate woman president of the country. It will twist the entire work culture.
, in my opinion,
the consequences look promising, it is hard to find an equal number of candidates in a particular academic year as in the total percentage of diploma completed students maybe 60% are boys and 40% girls.
, we do not wish anybody to
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be deprived
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of education just because fewer girls are available.
On the other hand
, there is a low chance that we could enforce the interest of any subject to anybody.
For instance
, we will not be able to
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female students to admit to mechanical or civil engineering if they do not wish to pursue it as a career. Many students start thinking of life in their childhood and
due to
rule it may lead to strenuous
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. In my opinion, we should give freedom to candidates to choose their career and should not make a trivial regulation which will impact their admission process to higher education. It is their passion that comes first before any gender equality of fields. In conclusion, I completely agree that priority given to
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likes or dislikes and nobody should be barred because of gender quota is full or not available
is a trivial thing in society.
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