In many countries around the world, life expectancy is increasing. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

It is often argued that the number of the world's population desired for living longer shows substantial growth over time. From my perspective, the benefits of the issue are greater than the drawbacks since life expectancy allows both the young and old generation to improve their quality of life in terms of health aspects.
To begin
with, those against longevity argue that it can generate various social problems.
, most social well-being systems will be stood in an obsolete position, as these are regulated by law with a limit of regular retirement
according to
the age of around the 60s.
In other words
, the national welfare service for elderly people has a high likelihood to collapse because of an explosive increase in its demands,
as rapid admission to senior sanatoriums, and nursing homes.
In addition
, maintenance expenses for national health services will be imposed greater tax rate on the young generation.
, it leads to placing a huge financial burden. Even worse, the allocation of public funds for welfare could be unequally distributed to young parents
in particular
with restrictions on paid maternity leave.
On the other hand
, the issue seems mainly beneficial since there are clear merits. First of all, expanding the human lifespan is the result of the advancement in medicine and the improvement of health conditions.
For instance
, when an individual is diagnosed with a serious medical condition
as cancer, one can be received a proper operation in order to make a full recovery.
, the old generation could be surrounded by things of great sentimental value despite suffering from the occasional twinge.
According to
recent clinical psychology research, people can attain a high level of intelligence and remarkable mental agility with advancing years.
For example
, accumulating numerous experiences can illustrate better decision-making and self-emotion control. In conclusion, the positive effects of living longer navigate people to release from the fear of death.
, the benefits that the old bring to the private and society as a whole should not be underestimated.
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