You recently read an article in newspaper about someone you know personally. You found some information is wrong. Write a letter to editor to inform him about it. Use the following points: What is the article about? What is the error? What you expect an editor to do?

Dear Sir or Madam, I write
letter with regard to your publication in the Daily Wire Newspaper on Thursday, 15th May 2023. There was some misinformation In your article covering Miss Ibinabo's journey to World Debate Championship and I feel it is important I point it out as someone who knows her personally considering she is my sister. The article spoke about her representing Africa in the World Debate Competition and
is not true. She represented Nigeria, her country and not the entire continent. Despite your publication, I'll have you know that there were about 20 other candidates representing different countries in Africa.
misrepresentation sheds a bad light on the effort of the other candidates and
puts her in the wrong light. My sister is hardworking but
appreciates and recognizes the efforts of the other contestants in putting Africa on the map. I expect your editor to correct
information and clearly highlight that she alongside 20 other young Africans from their different countries won the World Debate Championship. Their names
as well as
their countries should be clearly included. Your newspaper is read far and sundry and is a very reputable organization. I hope
issue is resolved swiftly for the sake of your reputation and to avoid misinformation. I look forward to seeing the update. Yours faithfully, Emmy Johnson.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • newspaper
  • article
  • error
  • inaccurate
  • information
  • editor
  • corrections
  • evidence
  • rectify
  • accurate
  • reporting
  • future
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