Currently, many people fail to balance the work with the other parts of lives. What are the reasons and how to solve it?

It is true that many people find it challenging to balance work with other parts of their lives. There are many reasons behind
phenomenon, governments should cooperate with individuals to mitigate it. On the one hand, several factors contribute to
the growing population leads to fierce competition in companies, and workers have to face increasing pressure to outdo other colleagues.
the ever-changing technology requires their dedication of time and energy to keep pace with the innovation and development in
For example
, the advent of chat-GPT poses severe a threat to their job and they need to struggle to avoid being replaced.
, high expectations from society require them to reply to e-mails for notifications as soon as possible, which occupants their spare time.
On the other hand
, there are several actions that citizens and states can take to address the problem mentioned above.
To begin
with, people should cultivate a sense of self-care and set a clear boundary between professional and personal life.
For instance
, they ought to pay more attention to their mental health rather than always working even on the weekends, because living under
pressure may make people feel sick.
In addition
, corporates should encourage a supportive and helpful atmosphere, which empowers their employees to fulfil tasks more efficiently and effectively.
, governments are supposed to legislate to put a limit on the length of legal working time and punish those
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show examples
which violate labour laws. In conclusion, a growing population, booming technology and high social expectations are the main reasons behind
problem, and actions should be taken along several fronts: forming a self-care awareness, offering workers a better operating environment and producing relevant policies.
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