Q. Global warming is one of the biggest threats humans face in the 21st century and sea levels are continuing to rise at alarming rates. What problens are associated with this and what are some possible solutions??

Global warming has become a huge concern to human society in recent decades, which
causes the rise of sea levels. I think the main reasons behind
are excessive emissions from energy industries and private fossil-burning cars.
To begin
with, I believe that too much CO2 results in the greenhouse that generates global warming.
, eliminating unnecessary CO2 is the key to overcoming the risen temperature.
, the industries that are related to energy usually emit aggressive amounts of CO2 to the environment because they normally burn coal to produce the power.
For instance
, the majority of electricity
that is
necessary to households is powered by burning coal that generates CO2. Only small parts of electricity are charged by renewable resources, like wind and nuclear.
, as same as fossil energy, private vehicles usually utilize gasoline as a resource that synthesizes the greenhouse air.
, burning gasoline not only produces CO2 but
other harmful materials to the environment.
, both of them are culprits of global warming
On the other hand
, global warming can be alleviated by multiple regulations. First of all, I propose governments encourage the green power business and help the business grow to popularize green power in markets, by sponsoring and endowing them with funds.
, governments should increase the cost of coal to stop citizens from buying them.
, to limit the number of private fossil-burning cars, the authorities can educate and advertise the threats the earth faces to citizens because of gasoline-abusing. Meanwhile, citizens should be informed of the substituted transportation,
as bikes. In conclusion, despite global warming being severe and challenging to society, I believe humans can conquer it and save sea levels in cooperation by reducing the emissions of CO2.
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