Some people argue that all experimentation on animals is bad and should be outlawed. However, others believe that important scientific discoveries can be made from animal experiments. Can experimentation on animals be justified? Are there any alternatives?

Some folks have debated that animal experiments should be banned because of their negative side of the environment.
, others believe that though it is a complex ethical issue, the experimentation on animals can be beneficial for scientific reasons. In
essay, I will give the reasons why it can be justified and I will explain it with some examples.
To begin
with, scientific research on animals helps develop antibiotics and other medications,
as well as
immunizations and surgical procedures.
For instance
, the Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia conducted HIV AIDS cure testing towards 1 chimpanzee. Before the testing begins, they have signed a code of ethics as a promise they will obey all of the policies that include just using 1 animal, applying anaesthesia to reduce the pain of the animal, and the test must only happen once. The test went well with the first step they put the virus inside of the chimpanzee, and it took only 20 minutes after they put the cure.
As a result
, the researchers found out the cure can be used to prevent the movement of the viruses.
On the other hand
medicine, animal testing can be positive in order to improve the quality of consumer products.
For example
, the biggest Fast Moving Consumer goods company, which is Unilever, has tested Monkey for their shampoo products.
, they want to figure out whether the shampoo can have a significant effect on a monkey's hair length. So, they give their products towards the monkeys every day.
, the result was pretty good.
To sum up
, experimentation on animals can be useful for human beings as long as the process is safe and the scientist can obey the law of animal testing.
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