Some argue that all young children should be required to stay with full-time education until they are at least 18 years old. Do you agree or disagree?

Given the mounting importance of
to an individual’s comprehensive development it has garnered widespread interest. One common perspective that many people, including myself, advocate is that a full-time curriculum should be made compulsory for adolescents.
should not spend their entire time
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class until adulthood for several reasons.
, full-time
will limit
to a high extent. The reason might be the fact that if their life is devoted to learning at school, there is obviously no time to improve other important and crucial
like communication
, social
or find talents they may have like singing or painting,...It has to be noted that these
are as important as
, and being restricted to academic subjects can make
not thrive in other aspects.
, making somebody learn what they are not interested in may cause negative results
of our expectations.
For example
, if they are not interested in academic study and are forced to learn
complicated subjects, they can be frustrated and get bored, and
all efforts have been in vain.
, there are more reasonable grounds that full-time learning plays a pivotal role in the student's development in the future. One significant fact is that most adolescents are reared and supported by their parents during their formative years, and
lack a comprehensive understanding of their decisions. That being the case, giving
the leeway to choose whether or not to attend class can result in misgivings later in life.
, being educated is the key factor that prepares children for the future
due to
the benefits that
brings to them.
For instance
, occupations relating to Information technology, artificial intelligence, and computer science, which take time to study at school to excel at them, always offer applicants higher salaries and more job opportunities. In conclusion, for the aforementioned reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse the notion that young
under the age of 18 should be obliged to finish their
despite that intensive concentrating on study until 18 can bring some undesirable impacts but the significant contributions that school makes to children’s
development are far weightier.
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