Some scientists believe that studying 3-year-old children can predict their criminality. To what extent do you think a crime is a product of human nature or is it possible to stop children from growing up to be criminals?

Investigating a group of 3-year-old
is believed by some scientists that they can project their violent acts in the future.
many see that a wrongdoing act may have a relationship with a
's biological factor,
essay agrees that the biggest contributor to a kid's violent act is his or her surroundings, and it is achievable to prevent them from doing so. Criminality done by a
is not necessarily caused by biological factors or
' genetic inheritance. In fact, it is mostly caused by the surroundings of the
, whether it is the location of where it lives or the people who have close contact with it.
That is
due to
the fact that
believe what they see and imply them in their daily lives.
For example
, a recent study from Harvard Medical School has shown that biological factors only contribute 10% to a
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the rest 90% highly depends on its growing situation.
, it is achievable to prevent
from turning into criminals. Juveniles are the reflection of how their
treat them. That means,
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that when
show examples
do excellent parenting and never show any violence in their home, kids will never know how to commit a crime. One of the ways that can distract the youths from having unpleasant attitudes is to give
positive activities,
as reading and doing sports.
For instance
, some schools in Jakarta reported that most of the troubled students are usually those who got poor treatment from their mother and father and never went to extracurriculars. In conclusion, a
's attitude is not inevitably caused by their
' biological factors since the main contributor to it is the growing situation of the kid.
, good parenting can prevent kids from doing inappropriate acts because when they never witnessed any crime, they will never know how to do it.
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