Some people believe that athletes, such as football players, are paid too much money. Others argue that they have extraordinary skills and deserve to earn large amounts of money.

People have different views on how much professional sports players should get paid.
others assert that their payments are too high for their performance, I firmly believe that they are entitled to earn the amount of money, considering their limited span of careers
as well as
the prospect of success. Those who claim that professional athletes earn too much money often point out their extravagant lifestyles. To illustrate
, more often than not, athletes have a tendency to live in a huge house, eating luxurious meals and wearing whatever they would like to put on.
typical image would spur the public to feel that if they have money to spend on these unnecessary things, they could allocate a proportion of their income to make society better.
, reducing their salary should be considered.
, I strongly argue that sports players should have the privilege to earn a high amount of income.
To begin
, their career span is utterly limited.
According to
statistical evidence conducted worldwide, the duration of their career ranges from 10 to 15 years on average.
As a result
, it is challenging for them to have a stable and consistent source of income after reaching the age of retirement.
, being a professional athlete is far and few between, and involves substantial risks. Take a football player
for example
it requires a significant amount of effort and time to actualise the dream, the feasibility of realising it is considerably tough.
, there is a risk of their investment being futile eventually. In conclusion,
some may assert that sports players are inclined to get paid too much, I consider that it is appropriate, in light of their short career spans and low possibilities of being successful.
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