In the developed world, the average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of aging populations.

The average lifespan of individuals in developed countries becomes higher.
phenomenon attracts issues regarding the elderly’s physical fitness and heightening burdens to the productive populations. To address these problems, the government should promote healthy lifestyles and create new initiatives so that older people can still contribute to the economy. Longer life expectancy means that there will be more older individuals in the total population. Some of them may already have medical ailments since middle
they will suffer for a longer period. They develop physical impairment as they
will burden the expense of
insurance to cure those problems.
In addition
, the productive generation will have to work harder to drive economic growth,
the country has enough money to fund all those programs, especially the ones that are related to
For instance
, in Japan, the cost of medical treatments for senior people increases each year,
the rate of newborns keeps declining, putting pressure on the productive
groups. To tackle
predicament, the authority should promote
physical activities to senior citizens so they can religiously maintain their
. Some of them are reluctant to exercise because they feel lonely.
creating an activity
to do regular stretching can give them incentives and
program will improve their fitness.
For instance
, in Malika City, the local government holds a gymnastic event specially designed for the elderly every Sunday. Through
event, the general
of its residents is improving.
, to involve the retired
to actively contribute to the wheel of the economy, the authority through small and micro enterprises associations can provide a handcraft workshop for them. They can be involved in the production process for a few light jobs. In conclusion, the longer lifespan of people in developed nations will raise some issues regarding the prolonged suffering from disease in senior citizens and the economic burden on the productive generation. Some initiatives to solve these challenges are promoting
exercise and empowering the elderly in small businesses.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • average life expectancy
  • developed world
  • increase
  • individuals
  • society
  • personal goals
  • ambitions
  • quality of life
  • leisure
  • recreation
  • healthcare costs
  • challenges
  • healthcare system
  • ageing population
  • shortage
  • available workers
  • economy
  • retirement planning
  • healthy lifestyles
  • investing
  • social support systems
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