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In this era, money management is becoming a matter of great concern, and some opine that pupils should be taught about it at the junior level. I agree with this stance because children’s cognitive abilities are better at this stage, and also they should know the value of their parent’s hard-earned money.
In this era, financial management has become this much important to humans that teaching this skill to primary school children is considered essential. I believe that adding this topic to school education is worthwhile because at early ages students have a better learning power, and also this practice can become a habit in future. This essay would discuss the benefits of personal finance as a school subject.
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This is arguable whether children should learn financial management skills in a school or not. I totally agree with that statement and this essay will demonstrate how personal finance courses could help students to be more independent and have some benefits for their future. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for them to follow small wishes they have at an early age.
This is arguable that children should learn financial management skills in primary education. This essay totally agrees with that statement and will demonstrate how this can leads to some perks for pupils such as improving academic knowledge in this field of study, which helps them in childhood and also would have better planning in their prospects of financial problems.
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