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Constructing buildings is a complex process that needs to cater to the primary purpose of the construction as well as the requirement of looking distinguished. While some buildings successfully integrate both, some however are inclined towards only one of the two factors. This essay shall discuss the relevant conditions for constructing a building.
Buildings make great landmarks and grab attention. In my opinion, they have to be functional and attractive. Both aspects are equally important and a building that satisfies only one of these criteria cannot be considered as a successful project.
The building ordinarily carried out a historic picture of civilization in any society. Some people think that building should be meticulously constructed to serve functionally than it’s good-looking. Other people opine that the building should be made with magnificent pattern. I support the former view. I intend to discuss both viewpoints in the following paragraphs.
Some argue that buildings should be built from the perspective of their purpose rather than appearance. Others believe that buildings should also act as the representatives of art. I personally think that the focus on purpose is more important and practical than outlook.
Architectural advancements have progressed throughout the years. Nowadays, there are beliefs that infrastructures should be built based on functionality, however, some argue aesthetics should be in consideration. I belong to the latter. In this essay, both views will be discussed.
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