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It is a common belief that it is the Government that plays major role in the protection of environment while, others think that it is the responsibility of each individual. This essay will discuss both views in detail and argue that why people have more responsibility than the government.
Nowadays, an impact from global warming has arisen quickly. It has became a serious arguable topic in the global scale. This topic is disccused in large scale by different people from different areas of the world. The most common discussion is whether the government should be the one who takes responsibility or it is an individuals that need to be caution about this issues. In this essay, I will discuss both point of views with the support from my opinions.
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Modernization of the world has affected the environment in many negative aspects across the globe. As responsible humans believe that caring for nature is the responsibility of the governing bodies, while another party of humans think it is a personal responsibility too. In this essay I will be discussing about the above two views and my opinion on the above.
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