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It is undoubtedly true that the Internet has certainly impacted us in many aspects of life, especially in ways of communication and searching for information. However, to say this is the greatest invention over the past two or three decades is to overlook a range of equally remarkable discoveries, as we will discuss now.
The Internet is recognized the most integral invention of the last three decades. All of the people's lives would be completely different without it. I do not totally agree with this extent because everything has its both sides.
Industrialization brings humans a variety of important and beneficial inventions but the advent of the Internet has influenced significantly every aspect of lives for nearly 30 years. This essay will discuss how the Internet become a considerable alteration in the community's lives, followed by a suitable conclusion.
Internet is a communicating tool which connects all the computers of the world.The history of mankind has seen thousands of inventions ,but among all , Internet is one such inventions which completely changed our lives.I staunchly agree the aforementioned rubric due to some noteable reasons, I would like to present my views by diving deeper into the topic before deducing reasonable conclusion.
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