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I am writing you to ask a few questions about the school. One of my friends gave me a brief information about school but I need more detailed information about certain things.
The number of international students who travel abroad to seek education has increased significantly in the last decade. The majority of students prefer to study in English-speaking countries mainly USA, UK and Australia. There are many reasons for their decision, one point is that English will improve their future employment prospects, the other point is that English can be used to communicate with others while travelling since there are millions of people who can speak in English around the world. English language has a great importance in the world today.
The total human population is a staggering eight billion, and growing every second. The number of languages spoken throughout the worls is truly remarkable. However, it can be seen that there is an exodus of people travelling to native English speaking countries, to name a few - Americal, Australia and Britain, their pourpose is to entroll in schools, colleges and universities. In this essay, I would like to express my opinion for this mass migration and what exactly makes English such a vital language.
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