Many people choose natural healing methods such acupuncture and massage therapy to recover from illness. Others prefer to use pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by their doctor for their aliments

Nowadays people are splitted into two categories: there are some that prefer using classical drugs for recovering from an desease, while others are more willing to select alternative ways for feeling better. In my opinion there should be a balance between both the alternatives, as a person cannot always rely on natural remedies, but the same worth for the drugs as they may provide addiction, and further problems. Natural methods are becoming very commonly used, in particular for minor problems such as back pain or little ill like flu. Examples of these remedies are massages, frequently choosen for problems related to muscles rigidity and back pains. Massages can provide to client’s bodi an immediate benefits. Another well known, but different, alternative remedy is the use of omeopathy for the minor ill such as throat pain. However, there are some ill or some pain that cannot be solved only with natural therapies, when you realise that your throat pain does not go away after 10 days you should start to opt for some drugs, under medical prescription, in order to feel better. The problem of the drugs is that if your body get used to it, they lose their effect. Lets assume that a person suffer of frequent headhache, and every time he feel the pain he took a paracetamol pill, after one year he will need 2 pills for getting the same effect and so on. To sum up, people should recognise whether it worth to use medicines to face the pain. I think that no one should rely just on one of the two methods but they should try to recognise what kind of pain they feel.
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