Television dominates the free-time for too many people. It can make people lazy and prevent them from socializing with others. Do you agree or disagree? Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

Nowadays television has become very important for most of the people. Television is one of the most attractive scientific technology for people, many people have habit of watching only television in their spare time. Although, people have lots of work to do in their free time but due to dramas and programs people ignore their other activities. I am agree with this statement and I will share my views related to this. Most of the people includes watching television in their hobby, they think that it is useful for them. Undoubtedly television is good for entertainment, but it necessary to watch it within a limit. Most of the people watch television in front of their children, so definitely children also want it to watch and because of this they cannot concentrate on their studies properly. On another hand, watching television have lots of negative effects on our social lives. For example, a family having lunch or dinner together and all are watching television, so at that time it is good to discuss or share their thoughts rather than watching television because they should realize it that it is very important moment for them. Furthermore, most of the people are busy due to job and after coming back to home they are habitual of watching television, they not give time to their family and also avoid to meet their friends and relatives. Moreover, if there is weekend or holiday people at that time like to stay at home and not have interest to socialize with their friends, due to which relationships gets weak. Many of the people have awareness about the negative impact of the watching television on our health. It effects our eyes, mind and body. Many doctors says that, watching too much television can effect on our cardiovascular system and people those are habitual for sitting in front of television for longer time can also gain weight and due to this the have to suffer with the problems that occurs due to obesity. In conclusion, people should have to adapt activities that are good for their health and whenever possible it is good to socialize with friends and relatives. Watching television will only make people inactive and will develop lack of interest in other useful activities
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