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In modern world, if people focus on child's abilities, they would provided situations for developing that talents. Overall, some people born with specific abilities in sport or musician. However, someone claimed any child can be a superb musician or sports person. This essay will discuss these views.
The whole surroundings we are living in is not only resided by human beings, but also other living and non-living creatures. Human beings possess the ability to explore and exploit natural resources for the sake of its life. Nowadays, some natural disasters occur caused by recklessly human intervention in nature. The governments and large groups will play prominent role to make a difference rather than an entity.
A Small number of the public utilise online websites such as facebook to have conversation with friends and some others use the Internet to know more about current announcements. This essay is going to explain how technology benefits us by providing breaking news around the world in seconds at any location, and also how social media fills the gap in long distance relatives.
It is argued that people don't feel safe at their properties and on the outside. This is because of rising number of committed violence or forgetting to addapt their households in proper way.
Now a days, Huge number of schools are english medium or english version so that people are more interested to read their children in these schools. I strongly agree with this proposal that at the pre stages children should learn foreign language. I intends to analyze the importance of learning foreign language for the children. To begin with, learning foreign language is not only important for the children but also need for all stages people.If the children can learn it from the beginning stage thats the eassy way to learn foreign language quickly. All over the world english is so much important and no one can go far or gain largest thing without english. At the past times people did not knew the importance of english so that they are negleted that things, But at present all the people also parents are more concerned about english. For instance, different types of english test need for the student who wants to go abroad for the higher studies. As a result the student must do the test like- IELTS,SAT,GRE. Without this no one can go for the study in the abroad. Which student was the english medium they can easily pass that english test but on the contrary who had bangla version they need lots of time to earn the pass marks for the english test. Moving on the next, English require all there and its importance never be end. Its quite easy to learn english in the childhood because elder ages students faces many problem when learn english. In the working place.abroad all over the places need it. For example, A multinational company interview where attend lots of student but get chances possibility is the student who good at english. Because that student can easily tackle the foreigner buyer by his english. This way is helps to increasing the reputation of the company. To conclude, Necessary language it is and all the classes english subject is compulsary. All the parents should increase their awareness for the learning foreign language at the early stages and for the better future of their child.
It is believed by some that it is vital for people to make sure that everything is well organized in their home and workplace and I agree with this.
Improving people health is vital concern for both government and individuals. Although there are many people who think building more and more public healthcare by government can be a prominent way to taking cares of peoples health;however,I personally think that, eating fresh food and daily exercise is the best way to be healthier.
Some people suggest the idea that it is better if everyone gives some of their earnings to
In some sections of societies, people have lost the control of their heaviness and they are not in superior condition and fit. The origins of this situation seem to stem from two factors. While several remedies apear to be open to us. First of all it seems according to the developing of equipment and even public transportation, the requiered of physical activities is decreased and actions that used to be done by humans themselves are now done by machines and consequently people do less movement and activity, then weight gain is most probable event. Furthermore the sort of entertainments and spending spare time have been changed, in the past youth did work outs like runing and jogging together and enjoyed doing them but nowadays, bord games and social networks have been replaced, there are no physical activities in front of computers and as a result increasing weight then decreasing their fitness.
As humans we always have habits to follow others and I completely agree that our this natural habit we cannot only see in our clothing styles, as well as we can see in our daily usage goods. In this essay, I will discuss that how we are coping to eachother and where we reach with this habit.
Now a day's myriad people inculcated of to know the history of there houses there lives in. Along with they acclimatized some researches
Experts believe that there is an advantage of lerning a foreign language in primary school compared to beginning of learning a foreign language in secondary school. I do support this statement as early beginning has more advantages in any kind of learning curve.
Students who finishes high school  opt to work or travel for a year prior to starting university studies. This has been encouraged in some countrues. This has many advantages as well as disadvantages.
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