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With the advancement of technologies, there are varieties of technical games available in the market. Specifically, with the accessibility of electronic devices and the internet, kids are spending most of their time playing games on their mobile phones or computers. There are enamours advantages although we cannot ignore its impact on kids. In my opinion, the disadvantages overweigh the advantages as physical activities and sports have taken a back seat.
With the growth, population there has also been an increase in people purchasing endless numbers of vehicles leading to congested roads and hours wasted in traffic each day by people. This essay will discuss possible solutions to avoid this problem.
Coming from a country where food is worshipped before having a meal at the table. I have developed great heed towards food particularly. During my high school, I came across a very strong statement which goes like "The food you can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison". After this, my perspective of looking at food got entirely changed and decided to pursue my career in the life science field for learning and contributing to the food system as a whole. Evidently, I applied for a bachelor's in "Dairy Science and Food Technology" for our state university.
Nowadays, Interest in researching the history of the residence that the person lives in is increasing; moreover, this essay will provide the information
In recent years, people spend most of time on reading or watching crime related stuff. The popularity behind these increased from last couple of years. This essay will examine different reasons why these novels and TV shows become popular and also give my opinion regarding these matter.
In modern society, the spread of material is very convenient and quick over the world. The valuable intelligence created by some people is easily shared with others. So, is it necessary to share as much data as possible? There is a critical discussion about it.
In our modern life,more and more young people spend always their time on their smartphones.From my way of thinking,this condition is very harmful.This essay will discuss smartphonesʼ negative and positive sides.
There are some people who came to this world with a capability to rule , where as others think that this ability can be attained by practice.This essay will illustrate these two sides , while I am on the view that this talent can attain by vigorous training.
Some individuals are in opinion that a numerous of famous people identify with their appearance and rich property than their own success and this is causing a bad impression among a youngsters.From my way of thinking many young people should not learn from celebrities their bad habits.This essay partly agrees with the given statements for some reason and inclinations along with examples will be justified in the following paragraphs.
Some individuals are in opinion that uptake foreign language bring time-wasting because the new technologies can interpret easily and fast in any foreign languages.From my way of thinking exploring the many languages is profitable for all people.This essay disagrees with the given statements for some reason and inclinations along with examples will be justified in the following paragraphs.
Some individuals are in opinion that humans can being a little to modify nature while others think that only huge companies and governments can make real difference .From my point of view, leaderships and large companies are playing a big role at improve our environment.This essay partly agrees with the given statements for some reason and inclinations along with examples will be justified in the following paragraphs.
For some reasons, being self-employed is increasing than working for any kinds of companies or organizations. This is because of high level of stress, extra work pressure and also lack of break time at companies. However, even though being a boss for yourself gives more freedom to make your decision at any time, it does not provide most vital practical experiences and critical skills that employees can possibly gain at organizations.
The first diagram gives information on how cement is produced as well as explanation of stages and equipment needed, while the second one illustrate the concrete-making process utilising cement previously made.
In the modern world, some students like to learn individually but some students like to learn with friends. In my opinion, I think that individual learning and group learning are both great because students have many different styles of learning. This essay will discuss great ways to learn by themself and learning by a group.
Team activities are overall more fun and indulge a person to do things they are anxious about doing alone, they are able to discuss and bring new ideas to the table, and help out with their social skills, ,Ideally most people prefer working in groups than on their own ,especially with school projects and jobs, it also assists within learning competitive skills.
Today,the minority population is decrease from time to time.Some community believe that goverments should spend public bill on saving minority languages,while others believe that would be a waste of public cash.This essay will show discuss both this view and give my own opinion.
Today,minority population is diecrease from time to time. some people believe that governments should spend public money on saving minority language, while others believe that would be a wast of public money. This essay will show discuss both these view and give my own opinion.
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