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A part of individuals occur that people seemed to be rely on each other in the modern era .while other believe that every person nowadays more and more independent. This author believe that it is good for people to live by their own self and rely on their own ability.
Nowadays, the way city planners design the areas of the living for general public has been a prevailing concern for many countries. I completely believe that is national to assign individual areas for each section like for houses and offices.
Owing to the problem which nowadays more people are using too much fast food instead of individuals suggest the solution is edutating citizens. During this essay, the writer will discuss both view and will outline the main reasons how this can be achieved.
It is assumed that technologies should be implemented in education since gadgets are a crucial part of current society. Innovations in schools can be beneficial for establishing more interactive learning, however computers are detrimental for health of students. From my point of view, technologies create new opportunities for studying.
It has been an enigmatic quandary as to what other types of help need in undeveloped countries. However, it explicit that developed countries should have an all-out effort to undeveloped countries more than financial parts. The scope and breadth of international cooperation and sharing knowledge are two paragons that exemplify such a theme.
Subjects related to art, like drawing or painting play a crucial role in the growth of a child, as a result, high schools should let students learn as an obligation class. This author disagrees with the statement because art depends more on talent and relieves stress among students.
This diagram compares the amount of people going to the cinema each day of the week throughout the years. Overall, throughout the years there has not been significant change in the most popular days to go to the movie theater which were Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Over the last few years, many people are not healthy as they used to in the past. Because their hectic schedules and lifestyle. Likewise, it can be solve by increasing physical activitiy and healthy lifestyle. As well as, there are some effective solutions that can applied. In this essay, I will discuss major reasons and effective solutions of this problem.
Undeniable that most personal information of the people in this era is stored on computer services occupied by many companies and organizations. Although there are various advantages from keeping the information online, for example convenient and easy access, there are numbers of drawbacks. There are 2 main reasons not to stored personal information in those smart devices.
Nowadays, there are too many individuals who feel that government should take a significant amount of money from the residents to upgrade facilities. Others feel that high payment of taxes are not good for the people with low income. I totally disagree with this statement, but in some cases it might help in the short term. The following paragraph will discuss both views.
Needless to say, pollution around the world is getting more severe problems and we cannot neglect about it. This essay will discuss about pollution problems by plastic wastes and the solution for this issues. I will explain with regard to littering cigarettes.
The graphs show health and education spending and changes in both life expectancy and infant mortality in the UAE. In general, as the proportion of expenditure on health and education increases, newborn deaths and longevity improve.
Contained in two illustrations is information pertaining to the transformation of a library's ground floor between 2001 and 2009.
It is also said that Artistic classes, include painting and drawing are vital for a child's development and should be valued as much as other subjects in high school. This writer certainly agree with this statement and will write an essay to explain his opinion.
There is no doubt that the university is one of the most important journeys in person life. Serval students are attending to study their main subjects beside other subjects. Also, some want to only and only study the main subjects. This essay will discuss both views.
Many parents want children to focus intensively on academic subjects such as maths, science and languages, while some people consider that children should learn practical skills that fulfill their future's careers. In this essay, I will examine both perspectives and provide my opinion
It is obvious that majority of positions are possessed by aged members in society these days. While senior members have advantages of experiences in their specialty work, I truly support young people also demonstrate better leadership.
As we know, there are different of lingua also, some people suggest that a lot of languages die out, and said that is not vital cause life will be easier if we have a few languages to utilise in the world.
on this age of technology all cars, buses and trucks they will be driverless, and only the people inside thes vehicles will be passengers, in this esssay we will discuss both the advantages of the driverless vehiles and the disadvantages, And I am going to draw my personal opinion about the essay.
Manny people believe that being competitive is something that everyone should have to be labeled as good quality. Although it might lead to a better result, it has its own negative impact. This essay will elaborate more on this issue.
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