IELTS Writing Samples Band 4

Many individuals argue that those who have contributed significantly to society such as teachers or scientists are much success as compared to the affluent. In my opinion, those who try their better for doing something beneficial for society can be considered actual successful because they are selfless.
In this contemporary world, some college-goers choose to attend a university in their hometown while others want to travel across the country, attending in a faraway university. In my perspective, the merits of living away from family outweigh its demerits.
Museums and art galleries exhibition have been a very well-known event since decades. People, whether have the understanding of art or history sculptures or they don't, loves to spend their time admiring the same. We would like to elaborate here today is regarding the admission fee charged by the Museums and art galleries.
The family structure and the role of its family members are shifted considerably when compared to the past few decades. I truly believe that the positive side of those changes is more compared to the negative side.
With reference to above debate that people usually have on woking in large organisation is better doing work in small firms is better. Lot of persons have lot of queries on this that which company is better to work for their future. We will conclude this as below:-
At the present time, the large number of people prefer to buy online shopping as demands of it are developing with velocity among the world. To my mind, it is not good point.
In the present era, international study is becoming highly popular amongst students and they prefer to educate themselves in other nations. This essay will discuss both merits and demerits of students studying abroad followed by a conclusion.
After completing school life, all teenagers struggle to resolve the problem whether they should enter into a university for a degree or look for a job. Some see more plus points of doing a bachelors degree and start their career life afterwards, while others prefer to start an employment right away without doing further learnings. However, below paragraphs support the first view with reliable supporting ideas as having a degree or same qualification explores a vast range of opportunities for a person.
In modern society there are a couple of opposite thoughts about university education. For instance in Ukraine majority still believes that university education is essential and getting it makes you a lucky one and gives you ticket to a brililliant job opportunities and bright future. Others disagree and they believe that it`s way more important to gather as much experience as possible and learning soft skills is vital too. Let's start with the second group.
It is a serious topic of discussion that at what age people should have kids. Some people like to have kids in their early days, while some believe that one should have kids when they are ready to explore parenthood. I am going to discuss the pros and cons of this in the following paragraphs.
People have a language as a communication media. There are more than 200 languages in the world.
Imposing a curfew is not considered a general practice. Only in grave situations authorities have to implement such actions. Countries like US, restricting teenagers for going outdoors alone after dark, must have involved some unavoidable reasons. I personally support the idea of putting a ban on youngsters going out without any adult company at the time of curfew particularly.
Today many company try to show their products some new way when they do advertising. I reckon, it is a positive trend. In this essay, I will provide some arguments to support my view.
Children are the resource in the future.they are the future leaders.they need to grown up with strong advertising is the one main important way to communicate the massage to,it help to make a market place.As per the above topic the lot of advertising aimed at children.So I am not strongly agreed with this comment and I would like to evaluate further more.what ever it has more controversion.
In todays era few individuals miss behave and does not give respect to others. There are numerous reasons behind it such as lack of guidance and illiteracy. In order to tackle this problem multiple steps can be taken.