These days, in many countries fewer and fewer people, want to become teachers, particularly in secondary schools. What are the reasons for this, and how could the problem be solved?

Nowadays, the teaching profession is becoming quite challenging work to choose, especially for secondary schools all around the world. I believe that to a certain extent, this role demands more than it meets the eye. However, let me explain some of the many possible reasons and solutions in my essay below. There are several reasons, to begin with. First of all, the salary factor plays a significant role. Despite all the efforts, teachers are not rewarded for their work either with bonus or hikes like in any other fields which inevitably leads to a poor standard. One possible way to solve this salary based curriculum is to give a percentage of share in profits. Secondly, growth in such a field moves at snail pace. For example, mostly all teachers from a decade ago continue to be in the same position as of today. There is no change of scenery for them. A possible remedy would be transferring program between schools for a certain period which would enhance their horizons for self-growth. Besides, fostering a conducive environment for pupils is difficult without proper support from the administration. For instance, technology continues to yield substantial benefits in the education field, but if higher-ups don't back up the suggestions of teachers to use this costly equipment, then they can't exceed at what they are best at. The possible solution for this is to get a subsidy from the government to cover up for the costs. In conclusion, being in a teaching profession is a lot more complicated than that meets the eye but with proper financial support and encouraging programs from the government will definitely help people to opt for these responsible jobs more.
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