Topic: Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by government rather than private companies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is often believed that governments should conduct and supervise scientific studies instead of private companies. From my perspective, I completely agree with this statement because of the following reasons. Firstly, governments have sufficient resources in order to undertake those studies properly. In other words, scientific research usually requires cutting-edge facilities as well as advanced technologies that usually cost a considerable amount of money. However, the government budget could remain sustainable via their residents’ tax, allowing them to carry the research out effectively and productively. One illustration of this is nuclear energy research, which was undertaken by the US government years ago. Although the research was reported to use up to $300 million to build nuclear plants only, the scientists made a scientific breakthrough in terms of nuclear power, which led to the decrease in the use of fossil energy, and built a firm foundation of sustainable energy for the whole country. Secondly, corporations working on scientific research may be tempted to maximize profits. This can be explained by the fact that scientific studies usually have great financial potential, which makes some companies attempt to introduce their research to the public hurriedly without adequate trial tests. Regarding medical field, for instance, a new invention can usually give patients a sense of hope. As a result, in order to have effective treatments, they are willing to play no matter what it costs. Therefore, if the invention is done carelessly just to earn profits, not only could it waste patients’ money but it can also put their lives at risk. In conclusion, due to the quality of scientific research and ethical aspect when doing it, I agree strongly with the view that scientific research should be monitored and conducted by governments.
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