Today, anybody can use a mobile phone to answer the work and personal calls at any time or 7 days a week. Does this development have more positive or negative effects on both individuals and society?

With the advent of advanced technology, especially smartphone helps human easily in touch for both work and privacy anywhere and anytime. However, whether it is recommended to always carry and be busy with the phone. As respect to phone's advantages, there is no doubt that in such an emergency case, phone truly stands out as the most useful tool ever. As it can be seen from the fact that, phone breaks the barrier of geographical distance. For examples, when someone is the founder of the company, going on a business trip would be on a daily basic. In that situation, for some sudden events but having a vital influence on the company's performance, it needs being asked for the permission via the phone. Moreover, as a regular person, phone also plays an important role in human life. If someday their relatives are being in an accident, just by a phone call, the problem could be fixed immediately. Another noticable point is that people could save a remarkable amount of time and effort by making a phone call. For instance, with the case of marketing research, collecting data seems not to be an exhausting job anymore since the telesaleman only sits in the room and call to the customers from the available detailed list. The productivity have been astonishingly increased significantly when they needn't go out but still reach many potential clients. Regarding the drawbacks, the first one would be that makes people become distant. To make it clear, the practice of overusing phone could lead to the lack of face-to-face communication. From that point, there is no love in the air anymore. Furthermore, such as the boss or the customers may receive the false information as they can not see the facial expression to navigate the truth behind the story they were told. This would end up with a regreting decision for them. In conclusion, having phone to make life easily is reasonably accepted but the main thing is that people should acknowledge the frequency of using it in order to have a healthy lifestyle.
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