Convenience foods will become prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and traditional methods of food preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

It is true that convenience foods like instant noodles and canned tuna has become more and more popular and is now a great choice for busy people. However, despite their advantages, I do not think that they will one day replace the positions of traditional foods in every family’s fridges, as well as the natural methods to prepare them. On the one hand, I cannot deny the great advantages of convenience foods. Firstly, they need no or very little preparation, which is perfect for everyone who does not have much time to cook a big meal at home. By simply walking to a nearby grocery store and grabbing a bag of instant noodle, a pack of sausage and some types of vegetable, within 5 minutes, we can have a delicious dinner. Secondly, convenience foods sold in stores are usually cheaper compared to traditional foods. This may be because prepared foods are produced in bulk by mainly machines in factories, which is both time and cost effective, while fresh produce needs a great amount of labor and care from farmers and usually cannot be harvested at such a large amount. As a result, the total amount of money spent on a meal of convenience foods may be less expensive than that of traditional foods. On the other hand, I think traditional foods are irreplaceable. The main reason for that lies in its longtime presence on dining tables. Generations of families are so used to eating and cooking natural foods at home that it becomes an integral part of their lives. Therefore, they are not likely to be taken place of by convenience foods, which were only available on the market a few decades ago. The other reason is that it is widely known that traditional foods are much more nutritious and healthy than convenience foods. Vegetables and meat or fish in the market can only stay fresh with a day, while the average shelf life of a canned beef can be up to one year. After such a long period, I doubt that the content of nutrients like protein, vitamins, etc. can still remain the same as stated on the label which was stuck to the can at the time the food was packed. In addition, the artificial preservatives that are added to the food are believed to be harmful to human health. In conclusion, although the increasing prevalence of convenience foods, they cannot totally replace traditional foods because of many concerns about their questioned nutrient content and the negative effect of preservatives on human health.
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