Some universities now offer their courses on the Internet so that people can study online. Is this a positive or negative development?

There is an increasingly number of universities and colleges expanding their educational domain to online courses. While some people claim that it spings many negative points of learning. This essay will point out some positive aspects of online learning. There are various reasons why people believe that study on the Internet is less effective than traditional learning method. The first reason is that with conventional teaching method, students have an environment to interact with both teachers and their peers. While with online coures, interaction is somehow restricted. Therefore, through study face to face, it will significantly help learners increase team-working and co-operating skills. Secondly, with online learning methods, it depends a lot on surrounding elements such as wifi stability or noise in order to create a good lesson. It means that this teaching way will sort of restrain students’ knowledge absortion. However, the supporters of this idea claim numerous perks that this teaching method brings us. Firstly, by being able to enroll in online courses, Universities are now opening a window of opportunity for those who are living far away from school to approach the knowledge horizon. For example, by opening online-distant learning courses, Cambridge University is now the school of million students around the world such as Vietnam or Singapore. Another reason is that the tuition of online courses is much more resonable than that of traditional method. In fact, students do not have to pay for the cost of chool facilities or traditional examination process. It means that all classes of society can now approach and equip knowledge, which leads to an increase in the quality of workers in the future. To sum up, although there are some negative impacts of learning online, people cannot deny the benefits that online learning courses brings us.
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