Some modern artists receive huge sums of money for the things they create , while others struggle to survive . Governments should take steps to resolve this unfair situation To what extent do you agree or disagree ? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge experience

In a modern world , that the artists hardly get regconized resulting in the imbalance in term of financial stability is open for discussion . There are artists more or less have a reputation for their work , while others never achieve sucess . I personally disagree to the idea that government should weigh in this problem . It is undeniable that art is unique and it can not be considered as the same as other occupations . Artists have different ability and when it comes to raising reputation , it is nevertheless an impact from external factors . Van Gogh , who was knowledgable about impressionism , had to live in grinding poverty because his works got distinguished shortly after he passed away . Generally , there are numerous schools of art , however , critics seek out for an outstanding artist that could work in accordance with public eye . If their artwork is so abstract and surreal , customers are likely to take their eye off and go for the more comprehensible one . Creative jobs require for naturally gifted people and artists should be equally compared to each other , so there is no doubt that government should tackle such minorities . On the other hand , art is on the same position of other jobs , work under the control of social rules . There is a tendency in artists to debate when it comes to being underpaid compared to others . This leads to one common problems is that they can not adequately supply materials to continue running their business . Surely artists being able to raise their fund and make a startup is familiar , and those who neither associate nor ask for sponsorships are undubiously lesser-known . Ultimately , art is a carrer that is overflowing with diverity as well as complexity . Artists who have been developing their skills for ages to exhibit deserve regconition than those who remain unknown , but if they decide to prevail their career , it seems that should accept the situation . In conclusion , art depends on many factors and views and people who decide to pursuit such creative career should develope empathy for others . Still , artists have to be clever at making decision to find another way of earning a living . Life is hard to comprehend and so is art
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