the traditional that the family gets together to eats meal is disappearing. What are the reasons? What are the impacts?

Over the past few years, there are families who are forgetting the traditional of the meeting of the whole familys’ members in the meals. We will find out some reasons why this happened and the consequence of this problem. The main cause of this problem is the children who eat in front of TV. In the modern life, when the industry is in stage of 4.0, following the development of technology. The children have an interest with programmes in the TV such as cartoon movies, TV shows for kids or so on. It is not only that, but also they live in a single-parent household what a thing nobody wishes for. Moreover, the more the world grows, the more the people work hard. Therefore, this issue leads to kids’ parents are careless in taking care of childrens’ meals or they have no time to teach them how the way of correct eat. The effect of these has been and will continue to be very serious. Firstly, it is not good for their health as making them becomes kids’ weakness and to be difficult against diseases. The second, the younger people eat in front of TV that influence the form of the childrens’ personality and when they mature in this condition, the next generation will also be impacted. The truth is, the meals of the family will be not important and break the traditional which was maintained in thousands of years. In conclusion, these is obviously reasons that have a particularly negative effect to a close-knit family so the people must pay attention to their family more to prevent unhappiness.
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