Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

The number of inhabitants in urban areas has dramatically increasing for the past few decades, which results in desperate complications. This essay will chiefly focus on two drastic issues ensuing on overpopulation in cities and some viable remedies to tackle the matters. The increase in population of municipal areas is the primary cause for environmental pollution. People have a buoyant demand for commuting to work and travelling in towns by cars and motorbikes. Therefore, the immense amount of exhaust fumes including highly carbon dioxide is emitted directly into the air, which makes severe impacts on the atmosphere. Household waste, is one of pressing issues in cities, which has been rising in amount along with the increase of population. In some areas, the streets and rivers seem to be littered with full of plastic rubbish without any hesitation. Besides, the considerable need for housing in overpopulated municipal areas is also predominant issue so that various towering buildings have been being built. However, the price of a house or even an average apartment becomes more expensive so that low-class residents such as workers and vendors are unlike to afford for housing. There are several possible-counter deeds that could be taken to eradicate problems described above. A first solution would be for governments to allocate money from government budget to invest in public transport across cities. Along with that, governments should exhort local inhabitants to make full use of public vehicles by offering subsidies. Secondly, shopping centers should take advantage of recyclable bags such as paper-made and biodegradable bags to contain commodities to prevent consumers from throwing away plastic garbage everywhere. Finally, governments could remedy the situation by conducting a project of public apartments to give workers and vendors a stable accommodation to live with low cost. In conclusion, various measures could be taken to grapple the problems that are certain to stem from the rise of residents in towns.
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