People aim to achieve the balance between their work and lives, but few people achieve it. What are the problems if people try to achieve this balance? How to overcome these problems?

It is true that not many people nowadays can achieve in balance between their work and their personal life. There are several reasons for this issue and a variety of ways can take into account to tackle this hard problem. People are busier nowadays than in the past because of two main reasons. Firstly, they need to work hard to cover their living costs or to become a good leader or expert in their fields. Placing too much emphasis on their career, they neglect their personal hobbies and their relationships gradually. For instance, it is the fact that people these days become more workaholic and they go to their workplace too early and stay there late. Moreover, even when they are at home they also check their emails relating to their work. Some people claim that they do not have extra time to do anything that they like, this is because work and housework make up approximately all their time so sport or cinema seems to be a luxury. From several reasons mentioned above, individuals can use some practical ways to address the off-balance between work and personal life. It is crucial to have a clear timetable for their work and their leisure activities. Instead of focusing a lot on career, people should spend time for their favorite hobbies or their beloved people. Besides, people can be less ambitious in their job to have more time for their relationships. For example, workers do not need to become the most productive person in their company by working a lot and do not have any extra time for their holiday or their family. In conclusion, it is difficult to succeed in attaining balance between work and lives because of lack of the clear timetable or skills in planning. However, people can solve this issue by less focus on their ambitious career and they need to know the way to control their time for their work and their lives.
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