Some people think that the best way to increase road safety is to increase the minimum legal age, for driving cars or riding motorbikes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is often argued that raising the minimum age at which people can drive cars or ride motorbikes will improve road safety. While I agree that this will somewhat solve the problem, more efforts should be put into nurturing people’s awareness of traffic problems and the feasible consequences thereof. On the one hand, raising the bar to the legal driving age could reduce the incidents of reckless driving on the road and therefore make sure that the road is safe enough for everyone. This is because many teenagers do not take full responsibility for their own and other’s safety and often commit driving offences. Even if they cause traffic accidents, they just do not have enough legal capacity to be responsible for those accidents and the ones who suffer injuries or even fatalities therefrom. For example, in Vietnam, there have been cases where teenagers do not wear helmets, speed and ride their motorbikes in the wrong lanes. These teenagers, however, are not incarcerated if they crashed and kill other people. On the other hand, to change the situation for the better in the long run, people should be educated about the consequences of driving carelessly. Images and billboards that feature real-life consequences of traffic accidents might be displayed on roads where accidents often take place. This visual evidence might deter people from driving recklessly and causing accidents. Also, schools at all levels could be asked to have training programs about traffic rules in their curricula and these should be repeated every year so that the rules can be embedded in students’ minds. These programs might then culminate in projects where students apply what they have learned to spread their awareness to their communities. In conclusion, although restricting the number of people who can drive by their age can make the experience on the road safer for everyone, it is more important that people be educated about what they can and cannot do.
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