The tendency of news reports in the media to focus more on problems and emergencies than on positive developments is harmful to the individuals and the society as a whole.To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The newspapers or magazines tend to report urgent news and issues rather than positive developments. While some people disagree with this, I completely agree that it brings some drawbacks to people and social communities. A good reason to abolish this trend is that people are having bad behaviors as a result of this issue. When individuals often hear or watch negative news, they feel the society always fight against them. This leads to people being demotivated in life. For example, the media usually show the corruptions of government in Cambodia, which makes citizen disobey the authority and they often have strikes and protest on the road. As a result, the morals of the individuals will follow this bad trend. Another point to consider is that this trend might have a negative effect on the health. If people always read unpleasant news and emergencies on the newspaper, they will feel tired and stressed. When this problem prolongs for a period of time, people might suffer different kinds of diseases such as headache, vascular and cardiac illnesses. According to psychology magazine, people who only read the negative news might have headaches rather than people who read a variety of magazines. Therefore, people should not focus on negative news. In conclusion, I believe that the trend of news reports in the newspapers or magazines to show the negative developments of society is detrimental to people and social communities because it influences people to have unacceptable behaviors and it also makes them unhealthy.
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