Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport. Why is it not popular in many places? And how to increase its popularity?

According to a lot of studies, cycling can be hugely beneficial for people who want to improve their health. Despite of the benefits of cycling, few people are using a bicycle as a mean of transportation. In my opinion, the following reasons are the answers for this issue. First of all, using a bike to travel around transport is time-consuming. The speed of bicycle cannot compare with that of other vehicles’ speed such as motorcycles and, automobiles, train, etc., so that it takes more time to travel by bicycle. For example, if a commuter wants to go by bicycle to work on time in such a congested city like Hanoi, he must leave home very early soon in the morning and go back home late at night. As a result, Hhe loses lots of time for travelling meanwhile he can spend that time doing other things. Second, those who do not have the strength to ride a bike over in a long distance cannot ride it regularly. Moreover, the high or low temperature outside can affect the rider’s health, and they could feel exhausted due to the lack of physical. To encourage people to using use bicycles, the government should create some programs with valuable prizes. And these programs should be conducted annually to make biking habits for citizens. Furthermore, the effects of cycling have to be spread so people can be aware of the importance of cycling. The companies should also have the bonus wages for employees who ride to work. Therefore, how to maintain and develop cycling should be one of the biggest concerns of the government.
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