Advertisements are influencing us in a negative way; to what extent do you agree or disagree?

The process of externalization of a product through a variety of medium such as banners, pamphlets and television are called advertisements. Though the delivery mechanism has flourished and became more interactive, yet it has been observed that advertisements are affecting our routine life adversely. Lately, advertisements seen to have negative impact due to lack of censorship of content and inclusion of children as eye candy. To embark on, there has been an array of reasons why advertisements have a horrible effect on our lives. First of all, there has been no control and censorship on the content displayed or projected through advertisements, which leads to an inappropriate digestion and interpretation of information. Furthermore, major method for publishing advertisements are big banners on the crowded market and walkways, which makes visibility down the path a challenge and in-turn results in accidents or harm to human life in any form. As per the recent survey, 84% of accidents or harm to human life happens due to these distractive advertisements down the roads. Further to accord, to make advertisements more attractive there has been a shift in the focus to children. Involving tender buds into the advertisements have a negative impact on their studies and overall development of co-operation and social bonding. Monetary benefits associated with the media world brim these children with pride and attention seeking nature resulting in isolating them from the family and friends as they are busier seeking money and fame. This isolation results in depression, health issues such as hypertension, obesity and medical problems. In summary, undoubtedly, advertisements do provide information about new products and their benefits to users, however, the demerits of these externalization of information and content outnumbered it’s merits to our daily life.
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