You have just spent a week with a friend on holiday. When you got home, you realized you had left your wallet there. write a letter to your friend. In your letter: 1. thank you friend for the holiday 2. Explain that you left your wallet in their house 3. Give them instructions of how to send to send it back to you

Dear Emily, During my entire travel back home, I was not able to stop thinking how much fun this whole week was. This is probably the best holiday break I have ever had. Thank you so much for making this trip very enjoyable. we indeed did make a lot of memories. Only when I got back home, I noticed that I left my wallet at your place. I thought I had packed all my belongings inside my bag. I had to reopen my bag after I had it fully packed to pull out my printed ticket. I am thinking my wallet might have slipped out then. It would be great if you could send it over to me. You can use postal services like teh FedEx or some other services that offer "Express Delivery" to ensure I get it as soon as possible. I am sure you already know my home address. But writing it here just in case - 64 Apple Street, New York, USA 14680 Thank you once again for hosting me. Take care Divya
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