Some people believe that studying abroad is important because it expands a person's knowledge and understanding of the world. Others feel that it is better to study at home because that is the best way to prepare for a career in the student's own country. Discuss both these views, and give your opinion.

Some students prefer to study abroad because it offers them with wide opportunities and exposure to the outer world. Others prefer to study in their home country to be able to fall in line with the career demands in the home country. This essay will discuss why studying in home country has its benefits but why studying abroad is more beneficial in terms of exposure. Students who prefer to study at home do so to prepare themselves to find jobs in their home country. They believe that studying at home will allow them to fall in line with the market demands of that particular country. In addition, studying at home is convenient and cost effective. Therefore, many students prefer to study in the home country. Although, studying at home is convenient and less expensive, but studying abroad has its own advantages. First, it allows students to expand their knowledge of outer world. Students learn about different cultures and economies of the outer world. Second, it allows them to come out of their comfort zone and make independent decisions. Finally, it helps them to explore wide range of jobs and opportunities which may or may not be present in the home country. Therefore, studying abroad is a populat option opted by many students. Students prefer to study at home because of convenience but studying abraod offers wider exposure to help students grow. This essay discussed why some students prefer to study at home but why studying abroad is more advantageous for the students.
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