Environmental problems are serious in many countries. It means that the only possible way to protect the environment is at international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

More and more countries all around the world are facing drastic environmental problems. In my opinion I believe that the protection of the environment not on lies at the macro level but should be an individual level too. It is a fact that we cannot deny the role that governments and organisations play to protect the green of our world. In other words, at a macro level it is the government who spends on resources to diminish the pollution world-wide which an individual can not afford. Also, governmental bodies from all around the world decide and conduct meetings in order to impose laws on certain pollutions. For example, governments all over agree to fine taxes on the industries for releasing harmful exhausts or wastes in the atmosphere or water bodies so consequently air and water pollution could be minimised. However, considering everything at the international level, individuals themselves should not forget to play their part and spread the trend surrounding them to get our environment pollution free. Firstly, for example, if a person turns off the lights when unnecessarily used can save us a little energy, and believing every person making this small effort would help us to a greater extent. Secondly, if customers stop buying plastic packaged food, stores and supermarkets will consider using other form of packaging which could be renewed and do not add to causing more pollution. In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is not only the governments duty but individuals also play an important role to protect the environment as a whole. By acting as soon as possible, we can secure the future for our next generation.
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