Many people have difficulty maintaining a healthy diet. What are the causes of this problem? How could it be solved?

Eating healthy is one of the biggest problems for some people. This is due to the lack of time to prepare a healthy meal and the increasing number of fast food available. This essay will discuss in depth the causes and propose a solution to this problem. Nowadays people are spending more time at work and it has been difficult for them to find time to prepare their own meals. As a result, they end up buying frozen meals that is high in fat and there are fewer nutrients that directly affect their diet. A recent research in the UK shows that people are buying 60% more frozen food compared to 10 years ago. In addition, the increasing number of fast food chains is attracting more people to consume unhealthy food. Because of the facility to stop at drive-throughs, many people decide to buy their meals in their way home. For instance, in Australia all the Mac Donald’s are open 24 hours, this is due to the high demand of people buying food late in the day. On the other hand, people preparing their meals on the weekends could easily solve this problem. The majority of people have at least a day off; this day can be used to prepare meals for the week so people would not have to worry about what they are going to eat the next day. For instance, I have a day off on Sundays and I make my meals for 7 days, this saves me time and makes me have a balanced diet. In conclusion, the two main difficulties to have a balanced diet are lack of time and the facilities of having fast food available all the time. However, this problem can be solved using one day of the week to prepare healthy meals and this will result in a healthy diet.
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