In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry. Why is this the case? What can be done about this problem?

Agricultural development has positive impacts on human being, however, there still remains starvation in some regions all over the world. Although this could be caused by many issues, solutions can be taken to alleviate. First and foremost, it is undoubted that the main problems resulting in food shortage can be various. Poverty in education leads to low-self-awareness that can be listed as one of the most fundamental reasons of insufficient food supply. For instance, residents in poor countries can give birth at high rates without tight control by government and as a result, it unintentionally puts a massive burden on existing food stock. In addition, issues of hunger could stem from consecutive wars amongst nations. Crops are destroyed and diseases spread in many areas; therefore, people strive for peace of their families and starvation is not an exception. The possible measures to this global problem can be solved by short-term and long-term campaigns. In terms of short-term plans, it is encouraged to establish charity foundations that can raise funds to sponsor agricultural products and food for poor people. Health and medicine aids should be high priorities to save them from tragedies of wars and infectious diseases. On the other hand, solutions to prevent nuclear power conflicts and global wars are vital in long-run period. Participation of worldwide organizations and activists in protesting wars, for example, is a positive sign that indicates we are taking practical actions to reduce thousands died of hunger. In conclusion, while many reasons can result in lack of food in many countries, from my perspective, these problems could be addressed with the relevant remedies.
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