Nowadays, young people admire sports stars though they often do not set a good example. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, sports stars are often admired by the young, despite the fact that these players might have negative behaviours. I believe this development will have both positive and negative outcomes. On the one hand, it can be clearly seen that, by following the naughty sport celebrities, children are likely to damage their health. Many sports players have unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive drinking or abusing drugs. Children might find this lifestyle appealing, and they are likely to imitate some of these behaviours. If the level of consumption is not moderated, alcohol or drugs can cause a great damage to the brain of consumers. For example, Maradona, a famous Argentinan footballer, is also notorious for his drug consumption, and many young people considered this behaviour normal because they admired him. On the other hand, despite those negativities mentioned above, sports celebrities still play an important role in promoting sports. They can inspire young people to take part in the games. In fact, many footballers are following the examples of Maradona to become skilled players without being drug users like him. Furthermore, despite some negative public images, these spoiled sport stars might actually promote the sports to a wider base of audience. For example, Lance Amstrong, a famous American cyclists, despite being discredited for his previous wrongdoings in international competitions, still managed to bring the game popular worldwide. In conclusion, following examples of famous sports stars, even when they have negative influences, might actually bring both benefits and drawbacks.
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