Discuss the disadvantages of eating fast food on health. Why do people eat fast food? What can be done to discourage it?

Consuming fast food such as bakery products, shorteats and fried-rice has been immensely popular over the last few years. There are tremendous negative effects on people’s health from outside foods. This essay will discuss some negative effects on health and also why people tend to eat from restaurents and then put forward several solutions to encourage people to prepare meals at home. To begin with, raising cholesterol level, diabeties and overweighting have been so serious health conditions for the people in cities. Medical researchers state that the leading cause for adverse health effects is getting fast foods by the people. Because of the hectic day to day routine, many have choosen fast food option since cooking needs more time. For instance, my best friend who dine always from restaurents has four childern and a career woman. As a familly they have no enough time to prepare meals at home as he should send offsprings to schools and drop the wife at her office. Thus, the families which the women are engaged in jobs have to find alternative option such as purchasing fast food. Nevertheless, this phenomenon can be curbed by implementing several strategies. New technologies can be utilized to speedup the cooking process in a way that rice cooker saves huge time of a housewife in boiling rice. Furthermore, kitchens can be redesigned to improve efficiency of the work flow. For instance, one of my friends’ house has a small kitchen, so the equipments are very close to use semultaniously. Thus, improvement of the cooking efficiency and the avoidance of the time wastage would be helpful to prepare meals at home. Moreover, travelling time would be minimized if people use alternative roads and transport modes, so that meals could be prepared at home. Hence, the fast food consumption could be mitigated drastically. To conclude, main reason for rising health issues is having fast food daily. Working women would not find enough time to prepare meals as it should require an additional time in the kitchen. However, the modern devices can be used in cooking to speedup the process so that family members get the opportunity to eat healthy food.
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