Some people think competitive sports are important for a child’s education. Others think it has negative effects on children.Give your opinion!

Certain people in society have a righteous openion on role of sports ,specially competitive sports in child’s school curriculum,while others oppose to have a view that it could impact child’s development. This essay will discuss both viewpoints and will express that why it is beneficial to expose children to competitive sporting activities and how negative impact of such can be avoided. Firstly,trends of imparting education and it’s meaning to the child’s understanding is changing dynamically. Other than theory related to science,literature,mathematics it’s more about how a child’s develop his social know-how. Cognitive skills can only be developed when one’s mind is active and fresh. Therefore,competitive sports can truly be a boom in activating brain cells and adding a Learning dimension in child’s education period. For instance,children who are more participative in individual sports like tennis,athletics,swimming or badminton,according to Boston university survey,have shown better results in studies as compared to the one’s who did not participate in any sports. In addition to this,it lends a helping hand in child’s career in a way they can relate practicality or sports in easy and effective learning. Secondly,on the contrary same people think,the competitive nature of sports can put negative pressure on child’s development. This aspect should also be pondered upon, as every child is unique and may excel in different subjects or can have inclination towards arts .But ,physical activeness is equally essential and child’s energy can be channelised in a right way if there is correct mentoring .Only is one will balance time in sports and studies a child can have a complete education. To conclude,their can’t be single fit or way of learning for every child,only by competitively engaging life to different sports ,stimulate to grow can be produced.
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