All over the world, the number of overweight people is growing. What do you feel are the main causes of this? What are the effects?

Globally, the worldwide percentage of obese individuals is rapidly increasing. Major reason's for this are firstly, the adoption of a sedentary lifestyle and secondly, unhealthy food choices. However, these obstacles can be overcome by many solutions. To begin with, a high BMI is due to unhealthy lifestyle trends in the 21 st century. With busy everyday lives, we gravitate towards easy lunch and dinner options such as, fast food and microwaveable meals, which are high in sugar and fat content. To illustrate, a study conducted by the American obesity society found that fast food industry market has tripled since the year 2000. Moreover, people do not find the time to include exercise in their everyday lives. This is because exercise is key in burning fats and building muscle which in turn reduces your total body fat percentage. This lack of exercise combined with unhealthy eating is a recipe for disaster. The aftermath's of obesity are countless. The biggest one is that it leads to massive health deterioration, through the interactions occuring through our bodies physiology, specfically, the negative interaction of fat and cells. For example, overweight people are 70% more likely to develop diseases such as heart failure, hypertension and diabetes, the leading causes for death worldwide. This causes early morbidity in younger individuals. Furthermore, person's with body mass index higher than 30 result in massive losses to the healthcare system every year. Due to the liability of their diseases, millions of dollars are spent each year on their medication. For example, a study by the NHS in 2018, found that 50% of hospital beds each year were occupied by over weight indivisuals. In conclusion, awareness and implementation of healthy food options , as well as, more vigorous global exercise schemes will help in solving the issue of the rise worldwide fat rates. Consequently, preventing the consequences that arise such as increased morbidity rates.
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