Are famous people treated unfairly by the media? Should they be given more privacy, or is the price of their fame an invastion into their private life?

It is evident the nature of media has rapidly evolved over the past few years, reshaping the way media companies do business. However, the fact that celebrities’ privacy is at stake is just one of many inevitable products of fame that have been long acknowledged. First, unlike one single media channel, the pool of media should be considered reasonably fair as many channels are simultaneously participating to offer varying or even contradicting opinions. In fact, the increased availability of media channels has reached the point where information efficiency is achieved. The implication of this is that famous people should be expecting even more fairness treatment now and down the road. Also of importance is the fact that any libel or slander against famous people are done by the media can be easily brought to trial, resulting in significant liabilities for the media. This, thereby, acts as a disincentive for media corporations from failing to meet the industry standards on privacy issue, especially when it involves celebrities. It should be acknowledged that fame and media attention are tied to one another. Celebrities should expect a reasonable level of intrusion upon seclusion and biases from the media since those are recognized products of fame. This suggests that the media and celebrities share the responsibility on privacy issue rather than attributing all the blames to the media. In fact, with an increase in public exposure, the responsibility held by public figures should be set even higher than otherwise. Thus, famous ones should not be infuriated simply because the media is doing its regular job. In conclusion, famous people are treated fairly by the press since it is getting increasingly harder for the media to cross the line nowadays. It is safe to say acknowledging the celebrities’ higher privacy responsibility associated with fame is key to finding the common ground between the media and celebrities on this subject matter.
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