These days, the issue of plastic bags is widely debated in society. In my personal opinion, manufacturing of plastic bags should be abolished due to several reasons. One of the main justifications behind my belief is the fact that, plastic bags are nondegradable waste. Plastic bags pollute environment due to the carelessness of people, who do not separate their waste and, thus, bags cannot be recycled. As a result, plastic waste will be in the ground for centuries. Another factor that supports my point of view is the idea that a huge number of animals and fish have been damaged by plastic bags. Oceans are full of plastic and inhabitants of water try to eat it and so, die, it is one of the reasons why many species are endangered now. The case of ocean tortoises is a pertinent example of this phenomena, when many of them died because of plastic bags consumption. However, on the other side of the argument, many people believe that cheap cost of plastic bags manufacturing, its strength and multiuse make plastic bag an ideal bag for domestic use. If people used plastic bags many times and then recycled it, there would be no problem to worry at all. All things considered, I believe that plastic bags are danger for our environment and nature whereas others claim that plastic bags are the best choice but should be used correctly. Taking all points into consideration, I am firmly of the opinion that plastic bags should be forbidden for manufacture and sale.
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