Today's weddings are becoming bigger and expensive than it used to be in the past. Why is this happening? Is it positive or negative development?

Wedding ceremonies, nowadays, include large amounts of money and a considerable number of people as compared to the past. Peoples' habit of showing off, in my view, is one of the major reasons behind this trend. The aim of this essay is to explain why the phenomenon of over-budgeted and bigger marriage functions do more harm than good. The prime reason for spending large amounts of money and inviting many people in marriages is showing off. This is because significant number of people believe that they would get admiration in society if bragged about wealth by overspending on such functions. In Punjab, for instance, people prefer to rent marriage palaces, which are generally expensive, instead of making arrangements for weddings at homes. What is more, the larger the number of people is expected to come, larger the arrangement for food and seating will be. Thus, to make marriage functions bigger, sending invitations to all the contacts is not a wise idea, as it further increases the overall budget. The trend of bigger and expensive marriage ceremonies, in my opinion, is a negative development. People belonging to middle class families might feel inferior than wealthy ones because of their inability to spend large amounts of money on marriages. As a result, they prefer taking out loans for those functions and spend many years to pay them off. Another point is, the money which is wasted on weddings can be well saved for other purposes, such as charity to schools and orphanages. In this way, people will not only contribute to a noble cause but will also experience a sense of satisfaction in them by helping the needy ones. Therefore, it is better to have smaller and less budgeted weddings. In conclusion, while people try to brag about their wealth and contacts, I believe that it is of no use as it may develop a sense of inferiority amongst poor people. Besides this, if people do charity with that money, the world will become a better place for those who really needs it.
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