Plastic shopping bags contribute to the pollution of land and sea. Some people think they should be banned. Do you agree or disagree?

The Earth is getting hotter and hotter! One of the problems that cause global warming is the use of plastic bags, which contain many kinds of chemistry damages our natural environment. There is a suggestion that the use of plastic bags should be prohibited. In my opinion, I agree with that statement. Plastic bag causes plenty of problems for the environment, especially land and sea. According to scientists, the plastic bag has killed lots of animals which live in the sea every year. It is damaging submarine life. In addition, it takes over a hundred years to destroy only one plastic bag. As we all know, global warming is the biggest problem that humans have to solve as soon as possible. Sadly, the use of plastic bags is ranked as the top of the activity that harms the environment. There are plenty of assessments prove that plastic bag is not an environmental friendly object. Therefore, the prohibition of plastic bags is needed in every country. In fact, there are some countries has taken action for this situation. To illustrate, in Singapore, the customers will have an extra charge for their products if they ask for the plastic carrier. In my opinion, this is counted as a good start to prevent the overuse of plastic bag nowadays. Limited the use of plastic carries not only helps humans to save the Earth, but also gives the government an opportunity to reduce the cost of producing plastic bags every year. To conclude, banned the use of plastic bags is one of the important steps that help humans to protect the Earth. In addition, it can be done easily by individuals as well. Yes, I admit that plastic bags have made our life easier since the day it was invented. However, it is time to stop using it to save our nature. I hope that there will be more and more people aware of the cons of using plastic bags in their daily life and take action for it. The environment needs our helps!
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