Some people think that we live in a society where money and possessions are given too much importance. Others believe that his is improving our lives. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

There is one segment of the population that believes that we live in a world where materialism is given too much importance; others however, believe that materialism is essential in up scaling people’s lifestyle. This essay will discuss both points of views and at the end I will give my own perspective on the matter. On one hand, people who believe that materialism is being given too much importance argue that this behavior directly relates to inequitable distribution of wealth. People focus on earning more than their needs and end up buying possessions that are very expensive such as cars, expensive jewelry and watches and so on. Because of this rich segment of the society becomes richer and poor people becomes so poor that they end up dying due to hunger. For instance, the extreme example of in-equal distribution of wealth is in USA where only 1% of the population owns 97% of the Country’s wealth. On the contrary, people who believe that materialism is important in improving people’s lives argue that it provides jobs to people and reduces unemployment rate. Materialism in turn also promotes consumerism which means that people will buy and consume more. In order to fulfill the demand of consumers, industries would be established, more industries would mean more jobs and less unemployment. In conclusion, in my opinion too much focus on materialism leads to an in-equal income distribution in any society, this is far more dangerous than the benefit of its role in creating employment opportunities.
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