The gap between rich and poor is increasing. What problems does it cause? What solutions can you suggest?

Money is creating a barrier in human’s communicate. Nowadays, people tend to have a different view of both the wealth and the poor, which cause many drawbacks. In my opinion, this is a negative development and it should be stopped as soon as possible. The discrimination between rich and poor has brought many different consequences for human’s life. In fact, it is happening in many undeveloped countries such as India. Obviously, this gap will create humans inequality problems in society. The wealth seems not to respect the poor and always reject their ideas even those are good. Therefore, it will create bad behaviour in children development, because they love to mimic an adult’s action. In addition, inequity also a lack of sympathy between the people in society nowadays. Sadly, it happens to most of the youth who come from a rich family. As a human being, showing our sympathy is showing our morals. However, everything has a solution and so do the unfairness among rich and poor people. The most important thing to break this barrier down is to let the wealth aware of their sympathy by showing them how hard the poor live every day. In fact, in many countries such as Singapore, the government asks for the salary tax every month. That cash will be invested in the build-up community centres or donating to help unlucky people. From my view, this such a good way for the rich to show their morals as well as sympathy to others. In addition, rich people should get in touch more with the poor so they will understand more about the value of cash. To conclude, no one or law against humans to be rich. However, the value of cash is not being aware of. Therefore, the barrier between rich and poor still there and hard to break down. I appeal the wealth should be more sympathy and respect the poor, because they also humans and they deserve to be better. I believe that kindness, love and morals will stand forever.
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