Advertising has become an unavoidable part of everyone's life. Some people say that advertising is a positive part of our daily lives while others say it is negative one. Discuss both views and include your opinion.

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an inevitable role in the lives of people. While some people believe that advertisements affect them negatively, others consider it a positive thing. The aim of
essay is to analyse whether advertising is fruitful for society or not and state my opinion. Advertisements are advantageous, according to some people, as consumers become aware of the variety of products available in the market. With the sufficient knowledge of the options for a particular product, it might be easier for prospective buyers to choose the product, which
results in saving of time.
For instance
, customers could directly ask shopkeepers for a specific model of mobile phone rather than looking for various options before making buying decisions.
, it is believed that endorsements are beneficial for people. I,
, side with those people who see
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as negative because people often buy products which they do not need in real.
is because big companies hire celebrities,
as movie stars and sportsmen, for the endorsements of their products, which might gravitate individuals to purchase those products.
As a result
, people would end up investing their hard-earned money in unnecessary possessions. If masses bought those items, they would be at higher risk of not saving enough money for
hard times
the hard times
that might come in
the future
, endorsements play a negative role in peoples' lives. To conclude,
adverts have some advantages, I believe that the ramifications of compelling people to buy unnecessary products are more severe.
, it is advised that people should not rely on endorsements only
of weighing their actual needs.
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